# The Bow Positions There are three bow positions: neutral, down-bow, and up-bow. You will change bow positions throughout most bow strokes, but there are some that rely on staying in one bow position. ## Neutral Position Neutral position is your basic bow hold. ^[See [[The Bow Hold]]] ## Down-bow Position Feel that you are pulling the bow. You should feel this from your ring finger and pinky. Remain pronated but less so than up-bow position. - first finger passively rests on stick - middle finger, ring finger, and pinky bend - thumb remains straight - fingers may spread a little ## Up-bow Position Although a pushing motion, try to replicate the feeling of pulling the bow. A good exercise for replicating this feeling: 1. Hold the bow normally with your right hand, and also hold it with your left hand at the tip 2. Play a down bow from frog to tip 3. Play a down bow with your left hand from tip to frog Pay attention to what it feels like in your right hand as you play down bows with your left hand. Try to replicate this feeling with just your right hand. Squeeze your fingers a little when playing an up-bow. Neikrug used the analogy of gently squeezing a tomato to check if it is ripe. - first finger curls under stick - middle finger and ring finger are more straight/extended - pinky is most straight/extended - thumb remains straight - fingers may come closer together