Round 4 with Paganini double harmonics

I’ve mostly let the passage alone for a few days to let it sink in. Since my last session, I’ve just played the passage at tempo a few times to get a sense of what my hands should feel like shifting quickly.

But now I’m back to it.

Some of the practice strategies I’ve used:

  • Alternating between notes with lots of repetition
  • Dropping my hand and placing it where it is supposed to be – this helps with finding notes cold
  • Playing at tempo even when out of tune – this helps with getting the feeling of connecting positions
  • Playing open strings with the speed and pressure I should use for harmonics
  • Playing at tempo but repeating each note 8 times – my goal was to do 8 times for each note, then 4, then 2, then as written, but I could feel myself losing my concentration so I moved on

Specific things I want to improve:

  • The E and G# in the second measure and anytime it reoccurs
  • The first double stop in the sixth measure. My idea is to position my finger in between the strings so that my hand can make minimal movement to the E and G#
  • The D and F# in the tenth measure

Obviously there is a lot more to work on, but it’s important to have concrete things to fix. There are a few playthroughs of the first 12 measures around 26:45. Still a ways to go, but I’ve made a lot of good progress since when I started the passage.

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It’s getting there! :slight_smile:

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