Paganini excerpt: 3rd movement N to S

The challenges:

  • lots of playing on one string — need to sort out good musical fingerings. I’m still figuring out which shifts I want to slide and when to hide shifts
  • the harmonic passages
    • when to slide and when to hide the shifts
    • bowings — there is a lot of legato in the passages, but that’s not necessarily the most interesting musically. A lot of violinists change up the bowings and articulations.
    • intonation — getting used to the spacing, especially in the very high parts is tricky. The harmonics are very finicky there. You have to be very precise with both the left hand and the bow.
    • vibrato — I’ve had to narrow my vibrato a lot for this concerto. This is a passage where I need to really focus on that.
  • the F# arpeggios
    • yup they are hard — I’m happy with my fingering, so it will get easier
    • switching to the harmonics after is also tricky

I also tried experimenting with some of the ricochet passages on one string instead of remaining in one position with a string crossing. A friend of mine thought it came out clearer on one string, so I’m going to work on both.

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