Improving fingered thirds in Paganini


First, fingered thirds can be hard to wrap your mind around if you aren’t used to them.
Second, this is a fast passage. But the real challenge with this passage is the fingering changes in order to make the passage even playable:

  • switching the fingering from the usual thumb-2 1-3 pattern to thumb-3 1-4 mid passage
  • and then switching to thumb-2 1-4 again in the same passage
  • and adding in 0-1
  • the double stops right before the arpeggio are very awkward

Practice Strategies

Some of the practice strategies that I’m using:

  • trills
  • playing at tempo in chunks, and gradually increasing the size of the chunks
  • siren: good for maintaining shape throughout passage
  • scales both directions

Random thought at 12:20 — Dwayne Johnson was the bad guy in Get Smart
Playthroughs at 18:20 and 19:05

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