# Starting the Paganini Third Movement Since learning the Paganini concerto is a huge undertaking, I need to work on it out of order. The second movement isn’t too bad, but the third movement has some very tough challenges ahead. The main theme in the opening isn’t too hard, but I did need to sort out some problems: - making sure the ricochet is clear - some awkward shifts in the main theme, mostly between the ricochet and the actual melody - figuring out fingerings My ricochet has come along very nicely, but I’m still not completely consistent with it. I’ll keep working on it, but I’m satisfied for now. There are so many challenges in this piece that I should not get too focused on the details yet. I’m pretty happy with my fingerings. I probably won’t change them much in this section. They aren’t getting in the way of the ricochet parts, and the two scales don’t feel too tough now. The upcoming sections of the third movement will be much more challenging. I’m looking forward to working on the tenths and the double harmonics. Here is the opening of the third movement to letter B: ![](https://youtu.be/JVPBgD9rb_w)