# Some Two Octave Scale Exercises for Beginners Last year I arranged some scale exercises from Feuillard's Daily Exercises for my students. Some of the exercises are not as hard as they look, and with a little adaptation, they don't look nearly as daunting. Some of my favorite exercises are numbers 10-13. Here is what those pages look like in Feuillard's book: | | | | -------------------- | -------------------- | | ![[feuillard10.png]] | ![[feuillard11.png]] | | ![[feuillard12.png]] | ![[feuillard13.png]] | Even the C major exercises look fairly intimidating, but the idea behind the exercises are great. Here is what I arranged for my students: | 10-12 | 13 | | ------------------------------ | ------------------------------ | | ![[feuillard-adapted-pg1.png]] | ![[feuillard-adapted-pg2.png]] | My adaptation follows the same idea, but I removed the minor scales and all but the major arpeggio. Some other differences: 1. I used larger font. 2. Note names are in the note heads and the fingerings are above all notes for just the first scale. Students can use it as a reference for the rest of the exercises. 3. I simplified the rhythm and removed the slurs. I only wrote these out for C, D, F, and G major, and they went well last school year. I plan on arranging a few more – there is no need to do all keys. Here are links to the pdfs if you want to use them: - [C Major](https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkbw6op022nenxn/Two%20Octave%20C%20Major%20Scale%20Exercises_Violoncello_2021-11-16.pdf?dl=0&ref=sethmacleod.com) - [D Major](https://www.dropbox.com/s/df79zckf8crqhn0/Two%20Octave%20D%20Major%20Scale%20Exercises_Violoncello_2021-11-16.pdf?dl=0&ref=sethmacleod.com) - [F Major](https://www.dropbox.com/s/edxsd5pew8drwli/Two%20Octave%20F%20Major%20Scale%20Exercises_Violoncello_2021-11-16.pdf?dl=0&ref=sethmacleod.com) - [G Major](https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxb9mo9ejtpx067/Two%20Octave%20G%20Major%20Scale%20Exercises_Violoncello_2021-11-16.pdf?dl=0&ref=sethmacleod.com)