# Preparing Kol Nidrei (Part 2) Continuing [[Preparing Kol Nidrei (Part 1)]] --- Years ago, I found a cantorial version of Kol Nidrei on a synagogue's website. I printed it out, but I didn't think to save the link. I've since looked for it again, but I cannot find it. It turns out that it is an arrangement of Louis Lewandowski's Kol Nidrei, but the arranger didn't put their name or even Lewandowski's. I've been very happy with this arrangement of Kol Nidrei. I didn't mark it up much, especially since I play it differently each year. Here is a copy of it: ![[Kol Nidrei Traditional.png]] You can download a pdf of it [here](https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftwxlm3rhk67urv/kol%20nidre.pdf?dl=0). As I've listened to more cantors sing Kol Nidrei, I've made some alterations to it. I took some time to write them down. Here is the version I'll be playing this year: ![[Kol Nidrei Adapted.png]] [Here](https://www.dropbox.com/s/y94yvj11r00fhhm/Kol%20Nidrei_2022-10-05.pdf?dl=0) is a link to the pdf. I took a video of a run through in between students. It is in good shape for Yom Kippur. I just need to fix up a few things. ![](https://youtu.be/djgTlwu6P8s)