# Practicing Paganini First Movement L to M I combined three practice sessions into one video this time. **Challenges:** - thirds - string crossings - 4th finger on the A string -- some violinists add in an octave, so I did too - fast shifting from G & C strings to A - awkward double stops **Practice Strategies:** - sextuplets -> triplets -> duplets -> as written - start the passage both down-bow and up-bow for each step - speak the rhythm - practicing in chunks and connecting them - sliding for every shift to connect the positions and understand how the shape of my hand should be **Things I've learned:** - improving finger balance in thumb position on the lower strings - balance on the 3rd finger even when using 4th -- at least for this kind of passage **Things I like:** - character @ 46:22 - the added octaves **Things I want to improve:** - articulation of the slurs in the double stop passage - the clarity of the ricochet - I really liked how I played the double stops at @ 46:22, so I want to reinforce that - more difference between the détaché and the staccato at L - not so sure I like the break before the vibrato glissando right before L - the rhythm in the lyrical section is too free of the beat…whoops! - my vibrato is too wide sometimes in the G string passage ![](https://youtu.be/FwFHnKlySlU)