# The Straightness of the Thumb in the Bow Hold - The thumb should be kept straight but not tense when holding the bow. - Whether the thumb more curved or straight depends on the size of the object we are holding. - When **grabbing** a large object, such as a water bottle, our fingers tend to curl around it. When **pulling** a thin object, such as paper, the thumb tends to be straighter. - Treat the bow as a thin object that we pull. So keep the thumb straight. - You would have to go out of your way to curl your fingers when pulling a book. | | | | | ----------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------- | | ![[20230917190451 Grabbing a Water Bottle.jpg]] | ![[20230917190456 Pulling a Book.jpg]] | ![[20230917190500 Pulling a Book in an Unnatural Way.jpg]] | Links: - [[202309171850 Thumb and Middle Finger in the Bow Hold]] - [[202309171908 Using a Pencil to Practice the Bow Hold]]